Memorizing Names

Have you ever experienced the following situation: You are on an event, workshop, or at a fair, someone comes up to you, and you know you have met that person before or at least, this person seems familiar to you. However, you do not remember the name, which can be quite embarrassing. Even when you find a way to talk to the person without remembering the name, you might be in a disadvantage. 


Training your Name Memory 

You can learn and train anything – including your Name Memory. There are many easy exercises for memorizing names sustainably. Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad has many great tips on how you can achieve a better Name Memory – he addresses this whole topic in his online course "Superbrain! –Memory Training with Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad". He explains how you can achieve incredible results!


Memorizing names on the very first meeting


In general, the very first introduction is crucial: Two people introduce themselves briefly, but none of them listens carefully...  Without surprise, both parties are going home anonymously. Conscious listening, asking again and using the others' name while talking is essential! If someone introduces herself by saying "Good Morning, my Name is Mrs. Smith" is a response such as "It is a pleasure for me to meet you, Mrs Smith" a natural and affectionate response which leads to remembering the name better.


Memorizing names is possible for everyone

It might not be very helpful for the next meeting, but if you use the necessary steps to memorize the name right after the conversation, you will be able to remember the name long-term. And everyone can do that! People tend to be sceptical in the beginning. Shortly, after adapting Mnemonics, you will experience impressive accomplishments within your Name Memory.


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